The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights

Brooklyn 1924. As New York City continues to reel from the losses of both World War I and the deadly influenza epidemic, the lives of three very different women are about to take an unexpected turn. Recently arrived from New Orleans, Beatrice is trying to establish her dress shop with help from Alice, a teenaged orphan she brought north with her, while their neighbor, newlywed Catherine, longs for a baby she cannot seem to conceive.

When Bea befriends Catherine and the two start to become close, Alice feels left out of their bond. In her search for a family of her own, she’ll set into motion a series of events that will make all three women confront painful secrets from the past in order to envision a better future.

Moving from the bustling streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan to late 19th century Russia and the lively quarters of New Orleans, The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights is a story of female friendship, the families we are born with and the families we make, and how some bonds can be tested but never broken.

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Praise for The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights

The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights by Kitty Zeldis is gripping historical fiction at its very best. Three women whose lives are bound by a secret history are forced to make irreversible choices in order to survive. Moving from Nineteenth Century Russia to the brothels of New Orleans in 1910, and landing in New York City in the 1920s, Zeldis doesn’t miss a beat. She weaves an exquisite tale filled with love, loss, despair, and forgiveness, as her richly developed characters tackle the difficult decisions one must make and the repercussions of those that are made for you.
–Lisa Barr, New York Times bestselling author of WOMAN ON FIRE

Every single page of The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights is filled with life. And in this beating heart of a book are three unforgettable women who show grit when reckoning with their painful pasts, grace when navigating vibrant 1920s Brooklyn, and glee when discovering their second acts. It’s a timely reminder of how strong women are—and how much stronger we are together.
Karin Tanabe, author of A Woman of Intelligence

The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights is a novel of vivid heartbreak and vibrant hope. Kitty Zeldis deftly winds her way through early New York, capturing the city at a time of limitless possibility with female characters as intriguing as their setting. Full of captivating language and nimble storytelling, The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights compels us to examine what it truly means to be someone’s mother or someone’s child, and whether we can ever be forgiven for the mistakes of our past.
—Lynda Loigman, The Matchmaker’s Gift

By turns heartbreaking and heartwarming, Kitty Zeldis’s The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights is a true “only in America” story of reinvention, rising above tragedy, and found family against the backdrop of the not always so roaring Twenties.
—Lauren Willig, Band of Sisters

A haunting meditation on the bonds between mothers and daughters. Zeldis offers a fascinating look into historic New York City and New Orleans, and her skill as a storyteller is matched by her compassion for her characters. What a beautiful read.
Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Magnolia Palace